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 Seraphim Edna

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Seraphim Edna
Seraphim Edna

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PostSubject: Seraphim Edna   Thu Mar 10, 2016 9:24 am

Name: Edna or Hephsin Yulind

Race: Seraph

Tales Game: Tales of Zestiria

Personality: She likes to tease, and sometimes will call others stupid. Also having a dislike to humans, she tends to be a little reserved. Always willing to speak her mind at times and can be very intimidating as well despite her small size. Warning, she also tends to come up with small nick names for those she likes to tease.

Weapons: Umbrella

Artes: Rock-trigger, Gravi-trigger, and Quake-trigger. These artes are activated by certain hit counts achieved either by herself or with her allies, making it useful if the player wants to increase their hits against an enemy ( Information from, http://aselia.wikia.com/wiki/Edna)

Mystic Artes: Terra Mine and Shooting Stars, and Earth Revolution ( only when joined with Sorey or Rose)

History: Edna has been living in the mountains with her brother. Though as time went on, her brother became a hellion.  Since she does not have purifying powers she was unable to help him. Then upon meeting Sorey and the others, she goes to join them, hoping that one day they could get strong enough to possibly save her brother. ( This will be all as to not wanting to give spoilers)
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Seraphim Edna
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