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 Lord Ratatosk.

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Lørd Ratatøsk

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PostSubject: Lord Ratatosk.   Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:19 am

My name is Ratatosk. I am the great Guardian of the Ginnugagap and protector of the portal of good and evil. I might not bite first. Unless you do something stupid. Then you will die. Keep in mind not to fool me or you'll pay.
Age 10,000+
Height 5'6" / 169 cm
Weight 132 lbs / 60 kg
Race Summon Spirit

After saving the world from the demon world once, Ratatosk, the Lord of all monsters, had returned to his core state and set to watching the gate to the demon world. During his slumber, things had started to kick up in the demon world a being known simply as The Dark Father spawned a bunch of lesser beings called collectors. Beings that were meant to take the souls of the damned, those who's souls were stained black from the sins they had commited. A few more years had passed during Ratatosk's slumber and Nex the first soul collector that was created had snuck out of the demon realm and fallen in love with a human woman, having gained a heart, soul and emotions. Nex then set out to convince the other soul collectors to follow him the first and only one to follow him was a woman name Cyprien. It was then that the two of them fought and killed the other collector's, though Nex took a mortal wound. The dark Father knowing that Nex was dying told Cyprien to feed him his soul. Cyprien denies him and allows Nex's soul to pass on allowing it to be reincarnated. It worked somewhat, as the soul was leaving the demon realm Ratatosk who was asleep had awoken and took the form of Nex's soul taking on the name Emil Castagnier, he had no memories, no clue who he was or what he was all he had was that name. He turned as Cyprian ended up coming out of the demon gate as well, seeing as there was no one else there he ended up following her taking her as his older sister, while she amassed an army to one day defeat the dark father. Emil decides to fight beside her. While fighting one day something happened to Emil his body did a complete 180 in demeanor instead of his shy, timid, behavior he was known for both in and outside of battle, this time was different his body held confidence, and a sense of power his once green eyes had turned a deep red his voice getting deeper. This lasted to the end of the battle and ended up appearing every time he fought or held a lot of anger. She told him nothing of it and the two talk about each other as if they were two seperate entities.
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Lord Ratatosk.
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