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 Tales of Meeting

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Seraphim Edna
Seraphim Edna

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PostSubject: Tales of Meeting   Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:31 am

In a small little village, there would be an Inn. This inn would be the meeting place for all to gather. In the inn not only was there a desk to check in and get a room, but off to the side there would be a bar and restaurant area. There people would be getting ready. Knowing a large group would soon be arriving to gather and meet. Stocking up on different ales and gathering various meats. Tables and chairs being sat out for people to sit. This would definitely be the place for all to gather. Little did they know that one guest had already arrived.

A small yawn would escape her lips as she would sit quietly. Spinning her umbrella in her hands, her blue hues looking around the area for others to be joining soon. She wasn't sure why she was there so early, but then again who would be able to see her. Being a seraph, most humans wouldn't be able to see her. When thinking that she even pondered on even staying but Sorey would possibly be around, so maybe she would have someone to be entertained with. Then looking back, she remembered also the time that Sorey had to hold his breathe and hold hands with a person just so other could even hear her. A small giggle and smirk would come from her. That thought by itself made it seem like this little get together would be amusing.

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Tales of Meeting
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